12 months of Finest Collection Beach Kaftans -Part 3

Wow, what a week so far. With the nights getting longer, and the sun deciding to make a welcome appearance, getting ready for the arrival of Spring is enough to put a smile on everyone’s faces.

As the saying goes, ‘positivity feeds positivity’ and soooooooo with this in mind, onto the most #purrrfect Kitten ‘to do’ list:

Searching online for the next holiday getaway, check.
Counting down to the impending opening parties of luxury destinations, check. Booked into the salon and brow bar for some all important beautifying, check.
Choosing that beautiful new Kaftan from Kitten, guess what? check!

Anyway, thinking forward of being flanked on all sides by VIP’s sipping on champagne, getting swallowed up by the music and the energy of the crowds, we turn our attention back to sunnier climates, fantasizing about catching the rays, scantily clad and discovering the #probswhenwearingkitten.

Taking this into consideration, why not read on to discover the next countries in our countdown to the top twelve destinations around the world, perfect to don our exquisite range of luxury kaftans?


  • Asia

Asia; whether you have visited this continent before or not, get ready for a sensory overload! Take a deep breath and indulge every sense you have because whether you choose to explore India, China, Japan or Thailand, Asia is bountiful and breath-taking.  The only thing we will warn you of is it is hot. Asian summer hot. Melting make-up hot. Seriously, you’ll need to unbutton your top pretty much as soon as you get there to let a little air in and at this point we better mention your breasts. It’s probably best to keep them covered up to save any embarrassment.

Anyways you’ll soon adapt to the heat and humidity of this stunning destination (before your entire body transforms itself into a single, massive sweat gland) so let’s focus on the oodles of lovely reasons to visit Asia. From mind blowing beaches to lush, green jungles, Asia is a place to fully relax and unwind away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. And, as women kicking butt in fast paced environments at work and at home, we truly believe you deserve the very best beachwear attire to match your perfect holiday destination.

Considering this, our stunning Asia hand beaded beach luxury kaftan is ideal to wear whilst sipping delicious cocktails, kicking back and relaxing around an infinity pool, for luxury dining out with your partner or gorgeous girlfriends or for a spot of retail therapy in the sunshine.

Whatever your plans, this stunning cover up with its very deep V neck, loose sleeves and fluid form is set to exude sexiness and make you look like a million dollars wherever you are! Those #probswhenwearingKitten will soon becoming blindingly obvious as you hear behind you, ‘Hello! You are beautiful.’ And, while your first reaction maybe to keep on walking, just stop and listen! Because, you have to admit, that hunk of man has a valid point.


  • Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka; quite possibly the finest island of its size in all the world, this beautiful island is simply magical for the marvels and mysteries it still hides. From some of the most wonderful mountain scenery to some of the most memorable jaw-drops-to-the-floor wildlife encounters this beautiful country has so much to offer.  Eagerly whacking your other half or girlfriend to get the camera out as you spot leopards in their natural environment or the ‘oh so’ charming green turtle, like NOW, Sri Lanka is becoming increasingly lauded for the variety of wildlife it offers.

Whether you want to go off the beaten track and visit the incredible Ella Waterfalls to view its thundering majesty, get dolled up with your ‘I’m so sexy’ heels and enjoy lantern-lit dinners on the veranda of your luxurious lodge, or revel in the delights of the stunning mystic temples, the beautiful Indian Ocean island of Sri Lanka really does have it all.

And, now with your moisturised and gleaming tanned body gracing its presence in this enchanting country, why not be the envy of all your fellow visitors by rocking our Finest Sri Lanka red Peacock print design Kaftan?

Inspired by the native peacocks of Sri Lanka this stunning kaftan boasts a slightly curved shape along the sleeves and hemline and we are certain it will get hearts racing. Without a doubt, you’ll soon be the hottest thing on the menu wearing this beautiful kaftan #purrrfect for a Sri Lankan princess!


  • Marbella 

When someone says ‘Costa del Sol’ it is common for the mind to conjure up images of crowded beaches, of hundreds of sun worshipping tourists flocking from sun-starved countries just to clamour for a few square-inches of beach.

Now, we don’t know about you, but that image hardly evokes thoughts of luxury, of exclusivity and elegance and most importantly is a far cry from the #purrrfect sunshine getaway. But if you’re looking for something a little bit more exotic, something more upmarket and classy, then the life of luxury in Marbella could be just what you are looking for. We sure think you’ll love this great little gem of a place. Sophistication, style and glitz, Marbella exudes the lifestyle we all seek, particularly while on holiday.

Plus, as a haven for the rich and famous along the Costa del Sol, nearby Puerto Banus sees the owners of Bentley’s, Aston Martin’s and Lamborghini’s parked up along the harbour front and oodles of private yachts and cruise liners proudly congregating in the area.

Catering for the expensive tastes and the lust for the luxurious, our best selling kaftan of the summer, the Marbella beaded luxury kaftan is ideal to wear whilst enjoying a spectacular lunch at The Marbella Club or while watching the breath taking sun sets at Nikki Beach while sipping one of the many delicious cocktails on offer. With its hand beaded elements, the very deep V neck and its loose fitting sleeves, this stunning cover up in soft pink and mint green hues complements your #purrrfect tan, ensuring you really can look the part in this holiday paradise.

Until next time ladies :-)