12 months of Finest Collection Beach Kaftans -Part 4

Time has flown by so quickly. It’s gone 11PM and dare I admit it, nearly time for bed but not before the final concise list of stunning travel destinations that will ignite your passion for travel has been revealed.

 this last snippet of delicious destinations we reveal our #WishYouWereHere destinations including stunning Burma, Bora Bora and Petaloudes in Greece as the ideal holiday getaways. And it’s absolutely clear to see why!  

  • Burma 

Known affectionately as the ‘Golden Land’, it’s hard to improve on Rudyard Kipling’s description of Burma as being ‘quite unlike any land you know about’. From the bustling capital of Yangon to the ancient city of
 Bagan and its breathtaking sprawl of over 4000 temples, Burma offers many breath taking pagodas, and golden rocks, beaches, statues and vibrant cities. 

As an exotic, far flung land with treasures of all kinds to be discovered, Burma boasts a plethora of fabulous places to stay, in incredible towns and cities that might whet your appetite to explore further. And if this is the case, you will naturally need to look as fabulous as humanely possible. But, fret no more!  

As you revel in being papped by eager onlookers, we turn our attention back to fantasising about catching the rays and indulging yourself in tropical dives off the shores, fighting off admirers in your stunning new bikini and discovering firsthand the #ProbswhenwearingKitten. With such a wealth of interest being created, Burma is bound to put a smile on your face and create gorgeous memories through the photographs captured during your stay!

 At Kitten, our truly unique Burma kaftan only works to enhance your natural femininity and inner sultry siren. With its red peacock print design and slightly curved shape along the hemline and sleeves complimenting your beautiful womanly curves perfectly, let us just warn you now.... looking like a smoking hot babe wearing this kaftan, you will feel out of this world, just like this country of pure delight and intrigue. 

  • Bora Bora

Nestled amidst lush unspoiled surroundings and pristine clear waters, the island of Bora Bora part of French Polynesia has long been a favourite destination of discerning travellers and high flying jetsetters. Reiterating its allure, this stunning country is also a firm favourite with the Kardashian’s, as well as the chosen destination for the movie ‘Couples Retreat’ starring Vince Vaughn and John Favreau. 

Continuously attracting oodles of sun worshipping jet setters in search of the world’s most luxurious and private accommodations, majestic views and the most beautiful lagoon in the world, Bora Bora really does have it all. 

If you haven’t already visited this truly magical island, we are certain you will soon fall madly in love and we wouldn’t be at all surprised. Luxury hotels with private swimming pools suspended over the lagoon, secluded beach villas with personalised services and sumptuous beachside apartments means our unique leopard print design Bora Bora beaded beach kaftan will catch the eye of any visitor to this stunning island. Beautifully complimenting any white, black or pink swim wear items, this cover up piece is chic, feminine and above all else glamorous. Just like you. 

  • Petaloudes 

Petaloudes, known as The Valley of Butterflies, is one of the most attractive and beautiful destinations on the island of Rhodes. Luring many visitors each year to this exquisite holiday destination, this destination is a firm favourite for our luscious Kittens of the world. Home to thousands of Rhode Jersey Tiger Moths, the beautiful oriental Sweetgum trees which can be found here give off a very distinct scent attracting the moths like bees around a honey pot.  
And just like these stunning creatures of grace, freedom and colour, wearing our butterfly and sparkly luxury Petaloudes Swarvoski Crystal Kimono top will ensure all eyes are on you as you explore the areas spectacular delights in its natural habitat.  
As you traverse through gorgeous forest paths, streams and pools with the sun shining, delicious cocktails freely flowing and the crystal clear sea lapping against your sandy feet, with perfectly painted nails, we are certain this exclusively designed, vibrant cover up will, without a shadow of doubt, transform you into the most sophisticated Boho and chic Kitten in the area.

Looking divine teamed with sexy denim jean shorts, biker boots and a sassy cowboy hot matched with chunky bangles and a vintage saddle bag, this kaftan is effortlessly flattering and oozes #BohoChic, now and always. Oh the #
ProbswhenwearingKitten really is at the forefront of all that we offer! 

So, there we have it. Take your pick. 12 stunning holiday destinations to choose from with any one of our fabulous Finest Collection kaftans being fit for a getaway Queen! Be sure to pick your favourite Kitten kaftan or beach cover-up and pack it into your holiday suitcase to make jaws drop and your admirers smile from ear to ear.

As you kick back pondering your next holiday destination, dreaming of the absolute freedom and wild wanderlust that landing in a new place brings, the #ProbswhenwearingKitten really will be your only worry! 

If you want to travel to a far flung holiday destination, go for it. Make it happen. Don’t hold back. 

Live. Laugh. Love  

Gail xx