12 months of Finest Collection Beach Kaftans -Part 1

OK ladies so you’ve written down your resolutions for 2015. And, no doubt high up on the list, reads: ‘TRAVEL MORE.’ Maybe you’ve even underlined it a few times with a trusty old biro — because that’s how much you want to see the world and have new and exciting adventures.

With the Finest Collection of beachwear items to adorn all of you beautiful women of the world, here at Kitten we have carefully handpicked twelve stunning destinations and matched them up to one of our Collection beachwear pieces fit for any sun kissed goddess, the whole year through!

So, why not feast your eager little eyes on part one of our top twelve destinations beautifully crafted into four #purrrfect segments? And watch as heads turn, photos are snapped and pulses race as you strut your stuff on your holiday getaway and become the centre of attention for all to see #probswhenwearingKitten

  • Bali

We couldn’t be more joyous about this little beauty- Bali; the ‘Isle of the Gods’ is often known by many as an exotic oasis with some of the world’s best beaches and rich, luscious surroundings.  As you relax and sip beautiful cocktails at your leisure along the sexy shorelines of this Indonesian island, here at Kitten we know you will love every second of your dream luxury holiday with no extra oomph needed, simply kick back and unwind!

Whether you want to dance the night away amongst the temple night performances like popcorn over a hot fire, watch the spectacular sunsets behind Bali’s Mount Agung or indulge in pure spirituality with an array of luxurious spa treatments, the choice is yours!

Note to self: when we say about spa treatments, we don’t mean the kind where your masseur attacks your body with a stiff scrub brush, the bristles ripping at your skin followed by a giant container of powder literally being dumped all over your body. Nope, nothing like that we promise you as the only thing guaranteed with that one is viscous unwanted sneezing. Not attractive.

Finally, with plenty of remarkable private-villa resorts offering a truly unique and opulent ambiance fit for a Bali beauty like you, our gorgeous luxury Bali Kaftan really does tick all the boxes. Created exclusively for Kitten using only the highest quality sheer fabric it’s eye catching floral beaded design, oozes romance and elegance to suit your chic style and femininity, now and always. So, why wait? Grab yourself one now and get your flights booked ready for your Bali adventure, you sassy sun seeker!



  • Barbados

Beautiful Barbados; where leatherback turtles and flying fish mingle with laughter and sugar cane, what more could a gorgeous globe-trotting Kitten of the world really, really want?

Not much it would seem as thousands of visitors enter Barbados every year through Bridgetown Port, one of the island’s most recognisable landmarks and a visually impressive docking point that seems to beckon you in with two fingers like the overwhelming lure of whopping Chelsea buns glistening in the local cake shop window.

Abundantly blessed with ample beaches which attract oodles of sun seeking beauties from around the world, Barbados is also famous for its delicious Bajam Rum, exotic jewellery and the readily available opportunities to swim among the island’s thriving population of Hawksbill and Leatherback Turtles.

And we must confess, whatever your reasons for visiting this stunning island, you need to make sure you look and feel as hot as sunshine. With this in mind, our luxurious Barbados beaded beach kaftan looks fantastic over a white two piece with its highest quality sheer fabric, and will be sure to warm up even the coolest of evenings.

One thing to consider though wearing Kitten really might impact your life more than you could ever realise. Being pap'd while out dining in luscious restaurants or around the pool sipping on delicious cocktails will soon become a reality for you, we assure you! #probswhenwearingKitten

  • St Tropez

On first impressions, St Tropez resembles a huge movie set, where Porsches and Harley- Davidsons roar on by, day in, day out and where the rich and famous cavort around. That said, everyone, and we mean everyone shimmers here, locals and tourists alike- from toddlers decked from head to toe in haute-couture outfits to glamorous grannies zapping around town on bad ass vintage scooters, St Tropez is a wonderful place.

And with this plethora of unique personalities and constant sunshine, St Tropez really is a place to let your wild, luscious locks flow freely in the salty sea air and indulge in all things fabulous. To ensure you fit in, our stunning St Tropez beach kaftan coverup really is just the ticket. Ideal as a luxurious top, dress or daytime cover up, this gorgeous beachwear piece is decorated with beautiful beads and looks bang on trend with a white or blue two piece swimsuit teamed with dazzling beaded sandals.

So, after this little taster, we hope you feel inspired and ready to jet off to some far flung land really, really soon! We understand it’s a hard life but someone’s got to do it, right?

Ladies, look out for our next post with the next three luxury destinations perfectly matched with three of our stunning  cover ups!