12 months of Finest Collection Beach Kaftans -Part 2

It’s just gone 10PM. And thank the stars above. After one hell of a crazy day, a little fried to say the least, kicking back with a huge glass of wine this Kitten is dreaming of a gorgeous getaway, yet again! Think of it as the equivalent of a Happy Hour after working all day at the office. Think that’s enough said.

Now, turning your attention to searching online for some more #purrrfect holiday destinations, any one of our Finest Collection Kaftans will be enough to make the local Romeo whisk you off your feet, wine and dine you, and make you feel like desired globe-trotting Goddess that really you are.

Hey ladies, the #ProbswhenwearingKitten are just so hard to deal with, hey?

Why not take a little peep at part two of our top twelve destinations beautifully crafted into four delectable sections for some real life holiday inspiration?


  • India 

I like to think that there are a handful of distinct life experiences that fall into the old-if-it-does-not-kill-you-it-will-at-least-put-hairs-on- your-chest category.

Hmmmm. Hair on chest isn’t always the best plan of action when you are planning a holiday away especially when you are off to India, the land of mystery and diversity.

Once you have embraced the long haul flight, the Kitten team hope you have the best time while in this flung and beautiful land!

India; a perfect blend of ancient traditions and remarkable cultures continues to lure hoards of eager sun worshipping Kittens from far and wide, year upon year and it’s no surprise why.

Sun, sea, cocktails and tandoori bad boys, are just some of the delights of this country as a land of staggering colour and culture. Oh, and of course, the shopping. Shopping in India is almost always accompanied by haggling for the price, even the finer shops. There are no price tags.

And, a word of warning; if you look at something for more than one split second one of the ‘oh so’ eager assistants will scurry along and inform you of the ridiculously high price. That is, until the you stand there looking like a glowing goddess, a vacant expression spread across your face as soon realise there is no way on this earth you are going to part with your well earned cash quite so easily.

Anyways, forget all that haggling for now; why not just give into temptation and treat yourself to our fabulously chic India luxury kimono in bright vibrant colours?

With a unique beautiful peacock design adorned with Swarovski crystals with flowing, loose flowing sleeves, this #purrrfect exclusive design exudes femininity and elegance and reiterates your strong, confident personality!

What more could you want?


  • Java

So let’s get this straight. You are ‘f-ed’ up and wondering what to do and where to go on your next holiday getaway? With such responsibilities on your shoulders, picking somewhere fit for a globe-trotting Goddess is serious business.

So, for those of us who are searching for the truly exotic, the team here at Kitten think Java fits the bill. Presenting an exclusive opportunity to fulfil your ultimate travel experience dreams, Indonesia is as varied as it is unique and ticks every single box going, we’d say!

Just dropping the fact you are jetting off to this stunning destination will make your friends, family and yoga buddies sick to the back teeth and green with envy.

But, panic not and listen closely.

The next time you have to discuss your holiday plans follow these instructions to the letter:

  • Talk slowly and clearly explaining Java is a place where the magical and mystical define everyday life in a paradise framed by beautiful sweeping beaches and natural wonders. We think that’ll do the job. Not that you are trying to wind your girlfriends up or anything.

  • Repeat as above but add in the fact the sun shines pretty much all the flipping time and it’s no wonder why an abundance of sun worshipping Kittens flock to this glorious island year after year.

  • Sit back, relax and smile. You’ll soon be there sunning yourself on a glorious beach draped in a stunning Kaftan exclusively designed by Kitten and that’s definitely something to smile about ladies!

With this in mind, to mirror the island’s natural beauty it would be a crime not to adorn your ‘oh so’ lovely self with the same beautiful garments fit for any beachside relaxation or celebration.

Considering this, why not opt for our chic and stylish Java kaftan that looks utterly fabulous teamed with either a green, blue or metallic two piece swimsuit?

Trust us when we say that this adorable peacock print design beachwear cover up with gold beading will compliment your feminine qualities with its slightly curved shape and adjustable tie waist, creating a perfect silhouette.

Oof, my heart. Looking sexy and feeling confident just demonstrates the #ProbswhenwearingKitten us women of the world have to go through when jetting off into the sunset.


  • Antigua

Oh how we love Antigua! A jewel set in the heart of the Caribbean, Antigua is the perfect ‘Let’s run away together into the sunset’ tropical island escape and it’s absolutely gorgeous no matter what time of year it is.

What’s more, the island’s breathtaking coast is dusted with some of the finest sands with impressive luxury yachts beautifully dancing amongst the crystal waters and with a pick of 365 picture-perfect beaches, there really is one for every day of the year! Spoilt hey?

Well, when you work so hard, kicking back, relaxing and unwinding in true ‘I’m so worth it’ style, every lady of this planet deserves to look and feel as sexy as her inner goddess desires.

And, as beautiful as you, our exclusive Antigua beach luxury kaftan really is a must have for any sun seeking lady of the world! Plus, it is so versatile it can be worn not only as an exquisite evening top but as a gorgeous dress or daytime cover up the whole year through!

In keeping with the romantic destination of the Caribbean, this impressive kaftan boasts an eye catching floral beaded design with its elegant beaded detailing on the deep exaggerated V neck complimenting the stunning curves of your womanly figure.

Damn it ladies, the #ProbswithwearingKitten just got real. And oh don’t we just LOVE it!