Tips for packing for your trip away

Single girls trip VS packing for a couple

So, you’ve booked yourself a fantastic holiday somewhere hot and sunny, and what better way to brighten up your day? Of course, with your exciting travel plans looming ahead it’s not rare for us lovely ladies to wake up in a cold sweat dreaming of never ending security lines, chaotic gates, and inappropriate pat downs at the airport.

But when it comes to the task of packing for your holiday, whether you are jetting off alone, with girlfriends or with your gorgeous partner, here at Kitten we have some great tips on packing for your upcoming trip.




Whatever your agenda, going on a girly holiday can be tricky, as you’ll no doubt want to pack the entire contents of your wardrobe, and unfortunately, unless your first name is Mary and your surname is Poppins, this just isn’t feasible. 

So the reality is, until you are able to survive on only one top, one bikini and one pair of heels, it is more likely that you will spend a few days scouring and gathering everything under the sun for your upcoming trip. But fear not; see below for your girly adventure essentials:

  • Two strappy camisoles or cotton tees (for daywear and eveningwear). Simple and understated is the key here to ensure your tops match a multitude of outfits for any given occasion.
  • An all girls summer holiday just begs for colour so make sure you take a selection of bikinis and swimsuits for relaxing by the pool. Opt for a bikini or swimsuit which suits your figure, whatever your shape, it’s a must.
  • A selection of well-fitted shorts, different coloured vests, some floaty and flirty tops, and summery dresses, too; these are perfect for relaxing day wear and can be dressed up for the evening as well, making them essential holiday must haves! But, don’t forget to take a classy wrap or light weight cardigan, which can be a life-saver, when the sun goes down or the weather turns.
  • A little black dress because every woman wants to feel a million dollars, there’s no question about it. Any man will sure to be in awe as he sees you transform from beach babe into a glamorous goddess. Believe us when we say, your trusty LBD will soon become your forever friend, if it wasn’t already!


  • Two luxurious kaftans and silk sarongs which are great for lunches, beach bars, and covering up in the midday heat. Such items add a touch of glamour to your holiday and are perfect as you sit and sip beautiful cocktails around the pool or as you stroll along the golden sands of some far flung destination.
  • Some stylish accessories and jewellery to help to liven up your outfits and make you stand out from the crowd are a must, too this holiday! And don’t forget ladies, invest in some seriously sexy sunglasses that not only protect you from the damaging UV sun rays but also turn you into a delectable woman every man will want to wine and dine. So rock it ladies, make your mark and shine, from the inside out.


  • At least one pair of seriously (devour me now kind of) sexy heels or wedges. To make them more versatile, opt for either, or the new black; nude as they will look great with whatever you wear, day or night. Let’s be honest here, killer heels really can work wonders when you are trying to find yourself a delicious young man. Trust.
  • A pair of shoes suitable for walking in, for if you go off exploring your local surroundings, because every woman needs to be comfortable where ever she is.
  • Oh, and some sandals. Even just to look like you are interested in outings. We know you would much rather top up your tan and kick back with a delicious cocktail than traipse about. But, you never know, you could well find yourself a real hunk to brighten up your time away! Now, wouldn’t that be nice?

And if all else fails, remember single ladies, have fun choose a few daring outfits and a few sensible items – if it worked for the Sex and the City girls in New York, it can work for you!





Now, there is something about the sight of a large suitcase that induces in most women a state of everything-but-the-kitchen-sink hysteria. This is because, in a woman’s world, our getaway holidays are supposed to be perfect; a dazzling kaleidoscope of sunny photograph moments and beautiful restaurants so it’s no wonder we have a collective clothes crisis. Add in the unwritten but legally binding rule that we must never, ever wear the same thing twice and there you have it, over packing at its best!

So, how much better would it be to whittle down the contents before travelling, and pack properly for your romantic holiday that you’ve waited all year for?

For those lucky ladies being whisked away to somewhere tropical by your gorgeous guy or somewhere more cultural for days filled with candlelit dinners, sightseeing, cafe culture, evenings out and late night walks, play it safe and think casual chic.

Here at Kitten, to fully embrace the elegant, cool and comfortable look, be sure to pack:


  • Your favourite jeans, be them your luscious butt hugging skinnies, a trendy pair of straight legs, or something with a little bit of detail. Whatever you choose we guarantee he’ll soon be teetering on behind you.
  • A pair of lightweight linen trousers to not only keep you cool but at the same time looking chic. A firm favourite with women across the globe, when the temperature rises, you’ll be as cool as a snow queen in these versatile beauties!
  • Some basic, ‘cute’ tops and some oh so gorgeous ones, too because a girl’s got to look her best at all times now, hasn’t she?
  • A go-anywhere dress- a sassy dress that can be played down during the day and glammed up for the evening. With just you, him, and miles of exquisite sandy beaches stretching out into the sunset this is the perfect time for you to wow your man with your sense of style, reaffirming to him just how lucky he is to have you on his arm.
  • Some bold accessories- because rather than trying to bring every stitch you own, you should opt for core outfits that can be dressed up and down using gorgeous accessories to create a variety of different looks, that can be as chic as you want them to be.
  • A killer swimsuit or bikini to make you feel like the sun-kissed and desirable woman that you are. Proudly celebrate what your mother gave you and embrace figure, choosing something that flatters your shape and makes the most of your oh so beautiful womanly body. And for those with a fuller figure, our new curve collection has been specifically designed to flatter sizes 16-20, and will be available soon, so watch this space!
  • Two stunning cover ups, sarongs or kaftans. For your romantic getaway, why not stand out from the crowd and opt for something a little extra special? Our finest collection of luxury items are truly exquisite, with all beading and crystal work being hand finished by artisans using different combinations of the beads/embellishment, as required.
  • A pair of classy heels because no man will ever get bored of their lady donning a pair of delectable heels. Or, why not opt for a pair of gorgeous wedges? These are ideal as they can be comfy enough for daywear and glam enough for a night out, so a win, win situation all round!
  • A cashmere or chunky knit cardigan for breezy afternoons or chilly evenings. Just because the weather may change, doesn’t mean to say that your perfectly ‘on trend’ fashion choices should suffer.
  • Some ‘up to the minute’ pumps, flats and sandals, because as ladies of culture and all things classy, it’s highly likely you will go visiting art galleries, cathedrals, areas of interest and of course, the shops! Because a woman loves to shop ‘till she drops, quite literally.
  • Oh, and this is the perfect occasion for that Mulberry Weekender bag you’ve had your eye on. Not that you need an excuse, but you’ll definitely need a spare bag to carry home all of your new delightful holiday purchases in.


A final note....

Of course, as globetrotting, sophisticated ladies of the world, we know how to rock a multitude of looks, poised ready for sun drenched afternoons in the blazing heat and fun filled days of exploring. Coupled with Kitten’s beautiful array of year round beachwear items and finest collection cover ups, and armed with all the helpful tips above, we are certain you will look the part, regardless of whoever you are going away with.

Have fun- Gail xx