Amelia Evans on.......Cupid's Curse

Cupid's Curse

For me, Valentine's day can mean one of two things. It is either a crass, consumerist excuse for companies to sell meaningless heart shaped junk; or it can be a sentimental celebration of those people we love the most.


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Too often advertising bombards us with the Valentine's cliches; red roses, chocolates and sickening cards. All of these can be nice gestures- but without any genuine meaning behind them, Valentine's day provides the perfect excuse for lazy lovers to stay 'in the good books.' It is too easy to stop at a petrol station and pick up a £5 bunch of flowers, without a second thought and thrust them (predictably) into the arms of a girlfriend. Where is the spontaneous romantic gesture?

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Cupid's curse has tainted the widely accepted, modern Valentines day. Valentine's Day is widely seen as a time for lovers (and a time for business's to exploit that love.) It is the expectation that a gift will be recieved on a day spent in blissful romance, an expectation portrayed by the media. Gone is the mystery of receiving an anonymous Valentines day card, today it is all about the expected.

To me, Valentines day doesn't have to be all about presents and the 'traditional gestures', it should be a personal celebration of those we love.

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A day to be enjoyed with your partner, a lover to be, or with the suspense of a potential secret admirer. Initially a box of chocolates or a bouquet of red roses is guaranteed to be well-received, but they're not the most personal way to show your feelings. What’s really romantic is a gift that involves some thought and shows your partner you pay attention to what they really want and enjoy.
Cupid's curse should be ignored, Valentines day is an excuse to celebrate relationships rather than pretentiousness, specialness rather than stereotypes.


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