How Kitten Luxury Beachwear can take you from Day to Night Seamlessly

Daytime to Nightime Great Summer Looks from Kitten Beachwear.

No suitcase is ever complete without that perfect outfit that can easily take you from casual daytime to dinner or cocktails (always unplanned....... of course)!

The beauty of our pieces is that with such bold colour palettes, lashings of crystals and sequins and several lengths and styles, we have just about anything to fit the 'How to look sensational brief' when there's absolutely no time to prepare and yet still help you to manage to look like a Kardashian or at least a close/distant relative.....

Lets begin with 1 our 22 Swarovski Crystal tops, cool and breathable enough for an afternoon sightseeing yet just the right amount of colour and bling to look elegant and sophisticated for Tapas at sunset. 

This is the Odette;-


 A Knee Length kaftan is always a great wardrobe staple......equally as  fab with a flip flop or flat espadrille as it is with a metallic heel and a fabulous clutch.

This is Brigitte;-
Kaftans and Maxi Kaftans are huge on the fashion scene, every elegant globetrotter or Boho Goddess has a few she can call on for her next escape.

Who didn't recently see the Cheshire and Beverly Hills Housewives BLOWING US AWAY in Dubai and Mexico?

Kaya in Lime;-

So..........Here are just a couple of our top picks and recommendations for those of you looking for some holiday inspiration from the team at Kitten Beachwear.

For further advice or assistance call us on 01695 570070 or email us at

Please add the following to all looks-

1. Lashings of lip gloss

2. Bronzer

3. Perfume

4. Sunnies on head

5. Laughter

6. Kisses (optional)

All of our looks are available at 10% off your first purchase with our code 'FirstVisit-10' so.... please have a great time wherever and whenever you go!

#Kitten Beachwear Team