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Gail Conder - CEO Kitten Beachwear

The Kitten vision began many years ago as a glimmer in its founder’s eye, but those ambitious thoughts became a reality, when in 2013 the gleaming new Kitten Beachwear online boutique emerged.

As an online designer beachwear boutique founded out of the dreams of sun-loving, globe-trotting, beach-worshipper Gail, Kitten’s ‘mission statement’ has always been to cater to the discerning customer through combining a high priority on customer service with luxuriously stylish and quality garments that reflect high aspiration.

With many years of experience in fast paced, high pressure careers, Gail has spent many holidays admiring the vibrant and inspiring luxury beachwear worn on the golden beaches of the world. Swimming in crystal clear waters, enjoying the smell of coconut oil and the sweetness of a cheeky summer cocktail surrounded by the people she cared about, inspired her to continue her love affair with the beach and create her own luxury beachwear boutique.

Undoubtedly, Kitten was created from a passion for beautiful and exquisite beachwear, and promises a unique collection of the most luxurious resortwear of the season, the whole year through.


Testament to her shrewd business success to date, Gail’s stunning collection of luxury items, are handpicked and showcased with clients in mind and are featured on ;


Significantly, since its beginnings, Kitten continues to grow in popularity as one of the main UK Resortwear retailers.

From the outset Gail has retained an unrivaled sense of enthusiasm for fashion, and it is true to say that the glimmer in her eye burns brighter than before, with a beautiful array of beachwear items being added regularly to the online collection.

Luxury Beachwear Resortwear

Of course, Kitten’s ever growing collections are borne from the desire to provide chic, sophisticated and aspirational beachwear items to women everywhere and not surprisingly, well deserved holidays and luxury beach escapes are integral to the Kitten brand essence and our customers.

Women around the world look forward to their holiday getaways and weekends at the beach; a chance to cast aside their coats, ditch their jumpers and roll out the bright, beautiful and timeless beachwear they dream about all year, relaxing and enjoying the company of friends and family or even just a bit of time to themselves, truly encapsulating what holidays are all about.

So, whether you’re looking to make a break for some winter sun or planning ahead for next summer, Kitten’s impressive array of stunning beachwear will see you turning heads, where ever you decide to escape to.

KITTEN Beachwear Limited, The Malthouse Business Centre, Ormskirk L39 1QR England U.K

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