Legal Notices

Kitten Beachwear Limited Legal Notices

Kitten Beachwear Limited - Legal Notices

Full Design Copyright 

All the designs of Kitten Beachwear Limited including but not inclusively kaftan tops, cover ups, kaftan dresses, beachwear, dresses, sarongs and maxi dresses are the sole property of Kitten Beachwear Limited, exclusively designed by Kitten Beachwear Limited for the sole use of the brand and owned by Kitten Beachwear Limited. ALL RIGHTS ARE RESERVED. Anyone found copying, reproducing or rebranding these designs will be in breach of these terms.


The Kitten Beachwear Limited website is hosted by the Shopify platform. The design style, graphics, text, wording, images and photography are the property of and are copyrighted to Kitten Beachwear Limited alone. ALL RIGHTS ARE RESERVED. Kitten Beachwear is intended as a retail sales website to purchase products for personal use. Buying products does not entitle the Customer to transmit, copy, reproduce or publish any part of the website without prior permission from Kitten Beachwear Limited . Any person found to be downloading images or infringing the copyright terms will be in breach of these terms.

Modern Slavery Act Transparency Statement

This statement is made on behalf of Kitten Beachwear Limited (for the purposes of this statement "Kitten Beachwear"). We are publishing this statement (although not strictly required to do so under the Modern Slavery Act 2015) in recognition of our commitment to ensuring that no form of slavery or human trafficking has any place in our business or supply chain.

At Kitten Beachwear, we are clear that respect for dignity and human rights are immutable and we committed to maintaining and improving practices to combat modern slavery and human trafficking throughout our business. We work with our suppliers to improve standards and ensure that those we work with share our high standards.